Casino JEFE – Promo Codes And Free Games Are Guaranteed To Every Player With Any Status

The cutest cat that meets all users on the first page of the casino cannot but cheer up. The red-haired sly man in green gloves, a mask, and super shoes and a funny striped suit invites everyone to visit Jefe Casino. The name of the casino itself is the cat’s name. Everyone who ever passed by and visited this site became regular customers.

Everyone who wants to register at this wonderful casino needs to know that the games are provided by the renowned developer of gaming software Netent. This manufacturer of games is the market leader in gaming software. And the first place is always rightfully given to him. Every day, the employees of this company generate the latest ideas on the implementation of the game process, they also try to pick up a bright and at the same time attractive design that will cause great interest among users and, accordingly, will attract the interest of even more players. And accordingly, it will prove more than once that they are the best in this field. It is important to know that in 2011, Netent introduced a system that allows you to run games from this manufacturer on mobile devices. Moreover, after some time, this company also introduced a live casino. Therefore, if you want to play with live croupiers and real opponents at JEFE Casino on your mobile phone, all you need to do is register.

Returning to the casino, it must be said that the entire game process, as well as the design of the casino, is focused on a cat character named Jefe. To understand how the casino positions itself, you need to know the translation of this name, and it translates as “boss”. No wonder right? Despite the fact that the casino was created in 2015 and since then many years have passed, but the casino is still developing and every day more and more users join the casino and become regular users.

The boss cat is very friendly and takes all players through a series of levels in a fascinating casino.

Each new user who signs up for this resource will be rewarded not only with pleasant bonuses but also with a welcome package in which there are a lot of goodies, including free spins, bonus code, promo codes, and no deposit bonus. All this package of bonuses will give a new player a good start to immerse himself or herself in the world of gambling, in which he will see a lot of games from such providers like Netent and Microgaming. To please users with various bonuses and promo in the habit of this cat. Bonuses grow simultaneously with your experience.

You don’t know yet that Jackpot Wheel is a favorite game of a cat, because there you can win both free spins and a huge jackpot.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the casino is made in the style of Mexico and the theme is exactly the same. The casino works with both America and Europe, so Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England will not have problems accessing the casino.

As I know, this casino is managed by LuckyDino Gaming. This company has its casino, which has exactly the same name. Do not worry about the safety of the company and the services provided, because the casino, as well as the company, are licensed in accordance with the laws and regulations for managing to gamble in Malta. Therefore, the game of users is not only very safe, but also exciting because the providers provide the best and the latest games and slots.

Although opened in 2015, it is still a fairly new brand in the gaming field. The casino is credible not only because it has no negative reviews, but also because it has bothered to provide comfort to its players’ thanks to innovative protection, wide availability, and security. Cooperation with well-known providers also provides comfort to the user, because the quality of the software provided by the casino and the number of games and slots make the casino one of the best among the analogs in the gaming field.

It is also important to say that one of the key qualities of one of the best casinos is support, which works to provide users with comfort and answer all questions.

I forgot to say that Jefe is a cat that fights crime and scammers, such a Robin Hood, which takes money from the rich and gives to the poor. I must say that the cat’s policy is not bad.

The casino interface is very interesting, bright and ultra-modern. The game portal is not like any old-fashioned casino and not even as a modern casino, because uniqueness is one of the main rules of this gaming resource.

Game range

A wide selection of games is because the casino is trying not only to protect the user but also to provide the coolest games and slots. For each player to have access to such a large number of games, the casino has researched, studied and worked for several years to ensure that the software is of excellent quality and would like to return to this casino again and again. For this, the casino began to cooperate with the most famous companies for the development of gaming software. All the necessary information that can be viewed by each user is available on the official website of JEFE Casino.

LuckyDino Gaming is the company that owns If this company is not familiar to you, then we advise you to look more closely at this resource. The company has in its assortment another casino that it manages and is its casino. This is one of the most reliable operators in 2021, although not as famous as others. Registered portal in Malta, like most popular casinos.

Reliability and safety, as well as accessibility,  are now at a high level among gaming houses, so is in fashion in any weather. More detailed information can be found both in the casino footer and on the official websites of gaming departments.

Games, which will be discussed later, are high-quality and proven work of well-known developers of gaming software. And the software is tested, licensed and certified by audit companies, so this site is not only trusted but also very popular.

On the page with games, there is a section with genres of games that are comfortably decorated in gray, which does not distract from the main game and the search for the desired slot.

The casino also boasts with a line where you can find any game. Although this is a rather inconspicuous function, still it plays a big role. A player simply may not find his game in so many popular games. A search string will be appropriate.

It’s worth paying tribute to the developers of this site because as soon as I mouse over one of the genres of games, the icon turned into a color. The transition from gray to green was smooth. The same applies to all other genres. That is, the structure is very understandable, simple and comfortable.

The casino has a section with new games. There are not many of them, this is correct because there can not be many new games. Casino games are released every month. Because suppliers of gaming software try to make the most comfortable conditions for players and develop games that will be interesting for several decades. That is, game development companies work tirelessly every day. That’s why they are the best because caring for users comes first.

For example, the Mega Rise slot not only looks great, but it is also the most exciting casino game, but also the highest-paid. That is, here you can win a big jackpot. Every day and every month, players win up to a million dollars. Of the new games, Well of Wishes, Aurora Wilds, Conan may also please every player, these recently uploaded games on the site will not allow anyone to be in a bad mood.

There are several reasons why people come to online casinos, for example, in order to find the thrill, expect a big win, take a break from a hard day, or just win some money and spend time in a company with slots and games. Board games such as baccarat, poker, blackjack, roulette are all very old but interesting games, so far in 2021 people are playing these games without exception, but there is something newer and brighter that providers offer, and this video slots.

Want to show your experience, try your skills and just show yourself then go to the genres of Video Slots on the Jefe website and explore a world full of vivid sensations.

An interesting fact is that video slots appeared back in 1975 when there were no plans for online casinos. But the players had little confidence in the new video slots, so this type of game became popular only in 1994 when was opened the first online casino with slots and online games.

Even the most experienced gamblers prefer to play video slots rather than board games. Because a person must have pure luck in in order to win video slots, and the chances of winning are the same whether you are a beginner or a gambler, this is what all users like. In order to play to win, you do not need to know any summary of the rules and develop strategies. There is one big plus of such games, here you can play at minimum bets, even though the winnings can be 10 times more than the bet. Despite the fact that the one-armed bandits moved into the online sphere, this made them even more interesting, more comfortable and profitable. There are such statistics that more than 40% of online casino users come to play not card games, not roulette or poker, but video slots. This is not a bit surprising, because game software developers use the most modern technologies and the brightest ideas to bring to life one or another slot.

Today, Jefe Casino can offer its users hundreds of different versions of slots, ranging from classic to ultra-modern, with progressive jackpots and realistic graphics. For example, each player will be happy to play games such as Euro Jackpot, Mega Fortune, Euro Millions because there are currently the most progressive jackpots, which are two, ten and two hundred million, respectively.

There is also a separate category with jackpots. Games with average jackpots, but a fascinating story are Mega Pyramid, Phoenix Fire, Mystery Reels and Holmes, and the Stolen Stone.

Fans of desktop games should try different versions of such well-known games like blackjack, baccarat, stud, roulette and many others. There are a lot of games and their versions for every taste, both professionals and beginners who just understand how to play casinos will find games for themselves here.

The last category in the casino is All Games, it contains all the games that exist on the site. This collection is the pride of both developers and users because such a worthy gaming software is very difficult to find on the Internet.


A casino with a cat is very glad to see more and more people every month on its website. Therefore, it can tell not only how to register, but also how to make the first deposit. Each user has a lot of methods for replenishing an electronic account in a casino. They are not only spectacular but also convenient and fast.

If you suddenly fear for the safety of your money, the casino is pleased to inform you that there is nothing to worry about at all, because JEFE Casino thought about the safety first of all before creating one. Therefore, the gaming resource has integrated encryption technology in the casino, which ensures the safety and reliability of saving user data, as well as the number of credit cards, the amount of money and passwords. The information will never be passed on to third parties and your personal information will always be under the reliable protection of Jefe Casino.

In addition, each casino game uses a random number generator to ensure that users have the confidence that all games are honest and that the casino cannot influence the winnings or the course of the game in any way. The generator is also certified by providers that provide gaming software.

If you use a visa or a MasterCard, then the minimum deposit for you will be 25 dollars, and a maximum 10 thousand dollars. It is also important to consider the percentage of the commission, it will be 2.5%. other payment systems, such as Neteller, Zimpler, Moneta PaySafeCard will not deduct money for money transfers.


Every time a new user searches for a casino to his liking, he will always look at several factors, and one of the most important is the user support service. It is important to consider that support should be 24 by 7 because no one knows when the user may have questions and difficult situations. And this is a guarantee that any problems and questions and situations will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Jefe Casino provides a constant and affordable support service that works without days off, vacations and holidays. You can contact the support team for any question, as if the question is related to the casino interface, with the choice of games, or with a website crash. In this case, the support manager should tell you when the site will be repaired and when you can and will continue to play.

 The responsibilities of Jefe Casino Support are as follows. The support service quickly responds to questions and requests from users; can check documents when requesting money withdrawal; makes payments to users; responds to site failure messages; blocks accounts at the request of users; recommends games and talks about new products; gives bonuses and free spins as well as bonus codes, promo codes.

Efficiency, friendliness, and timeliness are keywords when working with users on the Jefe website. These features are a competitive advantage over any casino. All people love it when they pay attention, so this quality of support service is also integral.


The very first reward for registering at the casino will be a welcome bonus or the so-called no deposit bonus. In the beginning, each user receives 11 free spins, which are wager free because the good cat Jefe is very generous and allows users everything.

The cat has a gorgeous welcome bonus or the so-called no deposit bonus, or rather even package. No one will leave without prizes. The cat offers bonuses for the first three deposits, and which ones they will choose only for you. You can choose a deposit bonus, which will increase your casino score or a package with free spins for exciting games.

The first deposit will bring a one hundred percent bonus and up to $ 100 reward. When you deposit money for the second time, the casino will provide you with a 50% bonus and up to $ 100. The third deposit will bring a 75% bonus and up to $ 75. Therefore, it is only up to you to choose which bonus you want and what you will spend it on.

The only thing the casino does not provide from the very beginning is promo codes, bonus code, and free games. All these buns will be sent to the email of each user, so it is important to indicate the correct email address when registering.


Many players know that online casinos can be played without registering, that is, it is possible to play without registration. At this time, the user develops skills and earns experience points and just relaxes or plays for fun. But registration in an online casino is very important if you decide to play for a reason and real money and win large sums and even jackpots.

If you still don’t want to play just for fun but want to bet in real live casino rooms with real croupiers or play several games of poker or baccarat or roulette, then you can’t do without registration.

This procedure does not take more than five minutes in Jefe. After registration is completed, each user will have access to a fully functional site, a wide range of games, slots, bonus code, promotional codes, no deposit bonuses, and free games. By the way, all users can play free games, regardless of status.

Registration opens up new opportunities for players, takes gambling to a new level. Having won certain funds, you can withdraw them using various payment systems. In addition, bonuses for the first deposit, as well as for registration, are available to registered players, as I mentioned above. Jefe online casino offers players to participate in bonus programs to get additional rewards. The conditions for participation are simple and accessible to everyone. Therefore, if you decide to try your hand at conquering the virtual game world, do not forget to register.

And to do this is very simple, you must first go to the casino page, and then the cat will show you the way.


It is very difficult to imagine in 2021 a person who does not have a phone. But on the planet, there are approximately 10% of the population who do not have telephones. For example, Madagascar, a well-known island in the same cartoon has a connection with the outside world only in big cities and along roads. It’s amazing to hear that only two percent of all residents are connected to the Internet. Only a few people out of a hundred have mobile phones, to say nothing of any mobile app.

The same thing is with Ethiopia, here few people are aware of the existence of not only a mobile phone but even a computer. Internet here is slow and expensive, and there are only a few cities.

North Korea is the most closed country in 2021. Moreover, until recently, the use of mobile phones was prohibited here. Moreover, even tourists had to hand over their mobile phones upon entering the country, this scared visitors very much. It is very sad that the Internet is still banned in this country, it’s not possible to go online, and you can make calls no further than your own country. The country simply lives in the last century.

In addition, all these people can never see how well the developers did their job. They created a mobile version of the online Casino JEFE, which opens in any browser on any phone. The user may not download anything, because the mobile version is flash and works in browsers.


Signing up here is simple and easy. It is important to say that after some time the site will throw you off the page and you will need to login again to your account in order to continue working with the site. If you do not play or are not on the site, but simply minimized the tab, then this will happen.

The support service is at the highest level, however, like everything here. Starting from the protection of accounts and personal information of users, ending with the comfortable design of the site.

I will advise this site to all my friends definitely and write more positive review about it.

Review author - Deanna Turner
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